A few weeks in (#2)

Time has been flying by as I continue my internship this summer.  The experience is definitely different than one I expected, but very much so in a good way.

I have been able to work on many different projects along with the other interns creating original content.  We are given complete autonomy which has helped me to understand the different challenges that might arise while filming. In addition to different challenging topics, I have gotten the chance to learn from my mistakes. Being on set is a constant learning process where I am able to learn from the mistakes I make.

Birds Nest Foundation has allowed me to create content that will help me indefinitely. Not only am I learning from doing projects and garnering content from my reel, but I am also able to learn from my experienced supervisors.

Although the internship has kept me busy, it has also given me plenty of opportunities to better explore NYC. I have been able to do various projects that explore different attractions, restaurants, and artists local to the city. I hope to continue exploring the city and learning a lot more from my peers.

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