Blog #2: The Congressman and I

As I stated in my last post, one of my main goals this summer is to meet interesting and important people, and in my mind members of Congress are some of the most interesting and important people out there! I have only been working at The Roosevelt Group for two days (so far so good) and my supervisor extended an invitation to myself and my fellow interns to attend an event hosted by the State Society of Michigan on the roof of a hotel in downtown D.C. The Roosevelt Group apparently has a lot of Michigan based clients which is why we were extended the invitation. My supervisor and I arrived at the event and we saw a circle of people around a middle aged man with a kind grin on his face and a congressional pin on his lapel. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, a member of Congress was casually conversing with (for lack of a better term) regular folk like myself. I knew Congressmen would be attending this event, but I assumed they’d stay for a few minutes, make a few remarks to everyone, possibly take a picture, and then leave as every other Congressman had done at every other event like this that I had been to. I made my way over to him, I introduced myself, and he introduced himself as Congressman Fred Upton of Michigan’s 6th congressional district. We talked for at least 20 minutes, probably longer, and a good portion of our conversation was between just him and myself. He told me all about how he sort of fell into being a member of Congress after working for Reagan’s campaign in the 80s and how one of his proudest accomplishments is passing an amendment to a bill that creates a no fly zone over certain sports arenas at certain times. He explained that the reason he is so proud of that is because he proposed to his wife at an Orioles game using skywriting and after he passed his amendment, it became essentially impossible for anyone else to follow that up. We also discussed President Trump’s upcoming summit with North Korea and he shared my concerns over Kim Jong-Un’s trustworthiness and my skepticism over their willingness to give up their nuclear arsenal, which is essentially the only thing preventing a U.S. led invasion.  Representatives Tim Wahlberg and Debbie Dingell attended the event as well, but unfortunately I did not get a chance to converse with them too. I’m two days in and I’ve already made friends with a member of Congress. Expectations have been exceeded!

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