Blog 2: The Escape Room

It was around my second week here, and the workplace’s annual summer outing happened. At this point, I was still new, and I found that this annual outing was a nice time to get to know people. We went to lunch, and then we broke up into two teams to complete the escape room. I greatly enjoyed the escape room (and yes, we did escape!!) It was cool to see how different ways of thinking could come into use for the different puzzles/challenges we faced. I was so pleased when I heard a riddle and immediately knew what to do. But I was so impressed when I heard other riddles and watched my co-workers be able to solve it quickly. Some moments, we all seemed lost and confused. But, we all managed to survive! No one turned on each other, and we all supported one another. Your work becomes a big part of your life, and you should find ways to enjoy that part even though it may be tiring and stressful. I got to know my co-workers better, and therefore I improved my outlook on walking into our building every morning during the weekdays, because I was actually looking forward to seeing my co-workers.

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