Blog 4 – Branford and Jonathan Edwards

I was recently transferred to the Branford and Jonathan Edwards division of the University as they needed more help with the National Student Leadership Conference that was upcoming. I was already close with everyone that worked in that section so it wasn’t very inconvenient for me to be moved. I actually think that it will benefit me in the long run because I will get to experience another part of the campus and meet the people outside of the Yale Young Global Scholars Program.

I think one of the skills that I have developed in is prioritizing needs. Something that we run into a lot is when there are many pressing issues that need to be dealt with immediately. Like a leaky sink, a rat, a broken door handle, someone locking themselves out of their room. These are just a few things that I have to deal with daily. The problem is prioritizing these items to get them all done in a reasonable amount of time to avoid confusion and frustration. Things that need to be fixed need requests to facilities put in right away, for example, because they usually take a couple days to respond.

These requests are also sometimes unrealistic so this requires us as a team to break it down in advance to make sure we have the right resources and time to make it possible. They told us during training that nothing should be impossible and we should just make it work to make the participants happy and keep their opinions of Yale high.

I have loved being in New Haven so far for so many reasons. First, this internship has given me the opportunity to explore a new area as well as venture to other places like New York City or the beaches of Rhode Island. I have gotten to experience some amazing food, like Chick-Fil-A for example, which I’ve never tried before. I’ve went to the Yale Art Gallery and to the Peabody Natural History Museum. As a pre-med student, naturally I went and explored the Yale Hospital and Medical Library. There are so many things that continue to amaze me that I see around campus and hear stories about.

I visited New York City for the day. I went to Times Square, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty!
Harkness Tower view from my dorm

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