First Week in the New Building- Blog Post #3

This week was the first week that we were allowed to start researching.We moved in last Tuesday, but we had to wait for some safety inspection people to sign off that our lab was ready to be used. This was frustrating to some people in our lab, but now we are ready to begin! It has been interesting working in the new lab space. First of all, everyone is still getting used to where everything is located. Secondly, our lab is sharing the lab space with two other labs, so there are more people walking about. This has been fun, however, because I was able to get to know some new people!

All of the people who do research in our lab have been great mentors to me. They are always willing to take the time to explain things to me if I don’t understand something. They are very hard workers, and I can really see the passion that they have for the subject! This passion is what helps them move their research forward. Working in the new building has allowed me to more clearly see the collaboration that occurs among everyone in the lab.

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