I can’t be almost done!

The fact that I have 4 more days of my internship and 11 more days till I go home is absolutely mind blowing to me. Time is funny in that it never is stable. 6 weeks during the dreadful and boring times of winter feels like 6 years, while the past 6 weeks here have felt like 6 days. If I were given the opportunity to stay here for another month (maybe 2 I think my professors would understand right?), I would take it in a heart beat! I have grown to love Croatia and its people. The fact that a country with 4 million people and the size of West Virginia can have such a vast variety of culture amazes me daily. The people here always seem to find a way to look past some of the troubles of their country and still see how lucky they are, because really, what other country this size has over a thousand islands, each one with breath taking beauty? The people with their joking humor and compassion makes you feel at home quick, and very hesitant to leave. I had a very unique opportunity this past weekend to be at the CDG airport in Paris while the Final World Cup game was going down-France vs. Croatia! It shocked me how invested I was in Croatia winning, in how much I was already behind a country I had been living in for such a short time, and how much my heart sank when France advanced against Croatia and the entire airport erupted into cheers. What surprised me even more was when I returned to Zagreb that night and couldn’t even tell that we had lost. Cars were honking, people were cheering, and flags were flying. I told my driver that I was surprised people were this happy after loosing, and he replied, “Why would we be upset? We are a tiny country that made it to the final of the world cup?” I think his reply perfectly captivated the Croatian spirt of intense pride of being an Croatian.

This weekend I get to enjoy a couple of the many beautiful Croatian islands, I only wish I could see more before going home.

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