Oh, What a Night | #6

Apparently, I’ve taken to naming my posts after whatever show is at the MUNY! Where has the time gone? it’s hard to believe that in two weeks, I’ll be back in my hometown. My hometown is much different than St. Louis, and these past two weeks really showcased that. 

The week of July 4th was an optional work week, but I worked it. In between school and financing my own wedding next August, I can’t really afford any time off. When I get home, I’ll immediately start working again at a hotel and a local lakeshore cruise company. But anyways, only a couple of the other interns stayed, so it was an opportunity to bond with them more. 

I worked on lyric videos for Sunday School songs, which meant listening to children’s music for about three days straight. It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t fun to try and get “Father Abraham” out of my head! This task grew my skills in Premiere and taught me a thing or two about using Illustrator, skills I will hopefully continue to grow!

On the 4th, I went to watch the Fireworks under the St. Louis Arch. This was a much different experience for me. I normally watch the Munising fireworks from the water of Lake Superior. From where we were sitting, it was actually kind of hard to watch the fireworks. I think if we had been farther from the arch it would have been better viewing. 

Munising’s fireworks show is super long often almost an hour, St. Louis’ was about 20 minutes, if that. St. Louis’ seemed to have more thought put into the timing and reasoning for the fireworks, whereas Munising’s just kind of go (at least from the lake there doesn’t seem to be much reasoning!) Below you can see a small part of the differences.

I FaceTimed with my family on the 4th. It’s my sister’s birthday and I was passed around. My Aunt and I chatted for a long while, but one of the first things she said was “you look so happy!” That was interesting and good for me to hear because missing out on the fourth at home was one of my hardest days here so far. 

The rest of the week was pretty chill, I got to really refresh myself for the coming weeks.

Last week it was back to the grind. I continued to work on my projects, attend meetings, and get to know the other interns. However, my job was shaken up a bit by departmental changes. One of the education team members decided she was going to take a new job in production control. This meant that one of the people I work closely with (Anna,) now has to take on her projects. That means she has less time to work directly with me. It was definitely sad for me, as Anna has been a great resource and has been super helpful when I get stuck! 

In good news, I got to collaborate with my fellow intern Jayme. We got to co-write some VBS blog posts and work on other VBS materials that will be used in 2019. It’s very exciting to know that our words and work will be helpful during VBS all across the country and world! Next week, we have a congregation in Japan doing our 2018 Curriculum!

As for fun things, we went to the MUNY again. This has been one of my favorite places and nights. I’m excited that I potentially will live here again and I can’t wait to take my future husband here! This week we saw Jersey Boys with Mark Ballas in it! The show was so good! I definitely prefer dramas, so I was captivated by the shows story. And of course the music was spot on. We also all went to a Food Truck Rally and a Cardinals game together on Friday. On Saturday, we went to the City Museum… The City Museum is one of the most unique places I’ve been. It’s essentially a huge playground. We went down a 10-story slide! 

These experiences have been much different from what I get at home. Home is a small town, where we have the only stop-light in the county. It’s where you can walk into the grocery store and know most of the people in it. It’s where we drive an hour to the closest McDonald’s and movie theater. The city skyline is churches and hills. 

St. Louis is much more fast-paced and there is a lot more to do, but I still love my tiny town. I definitely can see myself living and thriving in St. Louis again, but I also wouldn’t mind living in a smaller town again.

This coming week I will continue to work and explore!

I am working on:

  1. VBS Decorating Instructions
  2. VBS Blog Posts
  3. Weekly videos
  4. Anything that gets thrown my way!

This week I will:

  1. See Annie @ the MUNY
  2. Present on the internship to the President and VP of the company!
  3. Visit another Splash Canyon VBS


  1. Do quality, Christ-centered work
  2. Wrap up my big projects
  3. Try not to miss home, and enjoy these last weeks.

To God be ALL the Glory!


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  • July 23, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    Hello, Adele! I really enjoyed reading your comparison of St. Louis and your hometown. I can imagine it is reassuring to know you enjoy the city you may eventually move to. And oh my, wedding planning! Congratulations to you and your fiancé.


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