Post 3: Watson Health Experience Tour

This week, my intern cohort had the opportunity to attend the Watson Health Experience Tour, where an IBMer walked us through a real-time simulation of Watson Health and took us through a technical demonstration of what exactly happens in the backend of Watson Health, and what value propositions Watson Health could provide for hospitals, patients, and doctors, including patient’s families. I enjoyed the real-time presentation performed by the IBMer because I could tell that she was extremely prepared and because her presentation seemed unscripted, but also purposeful. Having given multiple presentations throughout the internship, I had a great deal of respect with the quality of her presentation.


It was also nice to see the client value of the presentation. Putting myself in the shoes of a stakeholder in the health industry, Watson Health would be hugely beneficial to my bottom line, my patient’s lives, as well as the professional efficiency of my doctors. I enjoyed that IBM provides opportunities like these where interns can witness both a stellar presentation given by a fellow IBMer as well as experience from the client’s side a technical demo.


Experiences like these, seeing how innovative IBM is becoming within the health and technology industry, inspires me to return as a full-time IBMer in the near future post-graduation.

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  • July 23, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    Hi Aerielle – your visit sounds like an amazing experience! I really appreciate your observations about how the different components of the presentation, especially the IMBer’s way of speaking, worked together to make it an impactful demonstration of Watson Health’s capabilities and value. Since you found the presentation and this wing of IBM so interesting, it sounds as though the presenter might be an ideal person with whom to connect for an informational interview to learn more about the work and how you might pursue it yourself in the future. Thanks for an enjoyable read!


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