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There is just under one month left of my internship. I did not realize how quickly the time was going by. Staying busy with the internship and my home life has made this a fast paced summer. This week is the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair and I plan on going with my partner. The amount of events in Ann Arbor during the summer has been a pleasant surprise.

Brainstorming ideas for the community building section of the Big House Program was a fairly quick task. I recommended some of my favorite team building activities that I learned at MESA to the girl that I was working with and she liked them. We also got some new activities from the internet. I am looking forward to leading these activities when the students come to campus.

One thing that the committee overlooked until our last meeting was ordering t-shirts for the students and volunteers. We had agreed on the t-shirt design and color but had not delegated the task of actually ordering the t-shirts. This problem was fixed by two interns going directly to the company we order t-shirts from and asking if our order can still be ready by August 1st. Fortunately everything worked out and our order will be ready by the time the BHP participants get to campus.

My personal project of coordinating meetings with the Generation 6 participants during their orientation dates is coming to an end. I have really enjoyed meeting with the students and getting to know some of them better than I did during their time in BHP. I was only in PILOT for the final part of their program and did not have time to talk to everyone but the meetings have given me the opportunity to learn more about each of them. I have a goal to know the names and faces of every Generation 7 participant by the end of Part 1. I am excited to get to know the participants better this year since I will be with them for all 3 parts of their program.

The intern social events have been really nice. The activities we do are fun and it has also been nice to get to know the people that I have been working with all summer. I have been in PILOT with them since the beginning of winter semester but did not have the time to get to know other PILOT members very well. I am a bit of an introvert but the social events have made me want to talk to more PILOT members once they are back on campus in the fall.

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