Project 1, check | #4

Today I just presented my first intern project. We were all tasked with getting a company and presenting a risk analysis on them as if they were a potential client and we were showing what Marsh can do for them. I think this was a pretty rewarding experience and got me to really understand what the company does. I’m not much of a fan of presenting, but I think it went well. There are only 6 interns total and we all had our managers coming in and out mostly to watch our own presentations. My manager is away on business so I showed her my project early to get her opinion and so she could see what I was capable of (lucky for me she said it looked good and she wouldn’t change anything!). Since she couldn’t make it, she asked our department head to represent healthcare. Greg did end up going as well as two other employees from my department which was nice.

I feel as though during my presentation my voice probably sounded a little shaky and maybe rushed — but I also only had 10 minutes and used the whole time. I was also the first one to go, which was nice but I also didn’t get a chance to hear how much other people had to say. I also wasn’t asked any questions at the end of my presentation. Not sure if I should take that as a bad thing considering people who seemed to go really in depth were asked a lot of questions, but I’m going to hope that just meant everyone understood what I had to say and I was also the first one to go.

Now that I’m done with this I just need to continue daily work and start wrapping up the final group presentation in three weeks. It’s crazy how fast this summer is going.

Ally Y

Currently interning at Marsh in Chicago, IL

One thought on “Project 1, check | #4

  • July 20, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    Hi Ally!

    The presentation project sounds like a great experience and a cool way to show your coworkers what you’re capable of doing! Do you wish you had gotten more feedback on the presentation before you showed it to the rest of the staff? If you feel like more feedback from your supervisor would be helpful, I would definitely suggest finding a place and time to voice your desire for that. This could be good practice in advocating for yourself. Do you think the presentation gave you a chance to work of your public speaking or presentation skills? I’m sure your comfort level and confidence in speaking will get better and better with the more opportunities like this that you have!

    Congratulations on completing your first project! I’m excited to hear how your final group presentation is coming along. Best wishes.

    – Danielle


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