T-minus 10 days until I leave! #7

Well, the World Cup is finally over. However, I would not have guessed that Croatia had lost based on the atmosphere of Zagreb. After the game ended people were cheering and honking their horns because they were just happy that made it to the finals in the first place. One of my coworkers described this as being one of the biggest events that people will talk about when they discuss Croatian history. Instead of being sad they lost, Croatians are happy that they can partake on a global scale. I did not realize this until I was walking to work the following morning. Everyone was wearing their jerseys and had their faces painted in red and white checkers. I was confused as to why everyone was still dressed up because I thought they would take the defeat rather harshly. However, that was not the case. People were flooding Zagreb to welcome back their team because they wanted to show their support. When I left for lunch there were thousands of people in the small city square. It took me over 45 minutes to get home when it normally only takes about 12 minutes. People predicted that there were over 500,000 people in Zagreb to see the team!!! They were supposed to arrive around 3 pm, but they did not arrive until after 6 pm because of all the people in the streets. Now, that is dedication. I will forever take these crazy memories home with me because I know I will never experience something like this again.

I am a huge foodie when I travel so it is very hard for me to think of my most memorable food memory while I have been abroad. I would probably say that my lunch in the Alps was the most memorable because I had amazing food and an amazing view. There was fun cheese fondue, coffee, and some type of hash brown and egg dish. It was all great and a fun experience. I will definitely miss going out to eat all the time once I am home, but I will appreciate being able to make all of my normal meals that I eat in Ann Arbor.

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  • July 30, 2018 at 8:44 am


    Thanks for sharing more about your experience – you should be back in A2 by the time you read this, so hopefully your travels were smooth and comfortable!

    It must have been such a cool experience to live in a country that made the World Cup finals during World Cup season! Your observations around the country’s reaction to their loss in the final was really interesting – how do you think the reaction may have differed if it was the US that had made the final and lost?

    It sounds like you’ve had a really valuable cultural experience while abroad. While your internship experience was clearly valuable in regards to helping you develop some different skills, it seems like the real value was the learning you experienced in cultural competency while living abroad – these competencies will go such a long way in informing and driving your work moving forward, and I believe you’ll find them to be invaluable skills!



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