The Influence of the Internship

My internship has influenced my near future school, career, and life plans a lot in just a short amount of time. I have developed a love/hate relationship with the planktic foraminifera shells and at the moment I feel like I have ruled out a career/PhD project using them in any capacity, however, since I now have the skills of taxonomic identification of the forams there will be a lot of opportunity for me to do further research in this field because not many people have that skill readily available to be used. For school, I have gotten the chance to do some reading and practice using taxonomic identification which will allow me to have some extra background knowledge for some of the classes I will potentially be taking in the fall or the future. For my career, again having these skills are useful, but like I said before – I think this internship just helped me rule out a career using these little guys. I definitely feel like I need to do something more mobile as in not sitting on the microscope for 8 hours a day. Also, being able to sit down and talk to all of my new Indian counterparts about their plans and their research has also expanded my thoughts in terms of career and potential PhD topics. In terms of life, this internship has allowed me to experience a whole new culture and explore another country that I probably would have never visited if I didn’t have this internship. India wasn’t even on my radar for places I would ever want to go and now I am going to have a bittersweet goodbye when I am leaving this place. I have made friends here that I will definitely keep in touch with when I return home and I will be able to share opportunities that I find here for them and they can share those things with me as well. I also will be able to use this experience to make me stand apart from other applicants for jobs, internships etc since I did have this experience. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to come to IISER, meet not only the people from IISER but also the other international students and Erin from umich, be able to do such an important project in terms of paleoclimate implications, and get to explore this country.

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