Week 1 – Caleb Bohn #3

After the first day of work / orientation, I was introduced to what type of work and projects I would be working on over the next 3 months. The biggest project was a Business Intelligence Roadmap for PG & A (Parts, Garments, & Accessories) for the next 3-5 years. Basically guiding how business intelligence would run in the future. It was a big undertaking, especially having never worked for Polaris before.

I had many meetings the first week. I sat in on some meetings with upper-level managers discussing the company’s finances which was really cool to be exposed to. Some meetings I was completely lost in. There were a few with the data science teams that had their own language almost. Another thing I learned that first week was just how many acronyms Polaris uses. Every other word felt like a new acronym. Luckily, they had a central page that listed a lot of the mainly used acronyms. They have a lot of great resources for new employees that are really beneficial.

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