Week 6 – Random Thoughts on Networking #2

During the first day of the internship one of the intern managers took all of the interns around the floor and introduced us to all the senior managers under the cyber defense department. Regardless of their positions, all of the leaders were very welcoming and open to the interns.; every of them said something along the lines of “if you have any question or would just like to chat feel free to email me or knock on the door.” However, I never took it to heart until recently, when I was assigned another mentor from the project management department in addition to my current mentor. We met up last week to talk about my career objectives and skills I would like to work on, which led to our discussion upon networking. Courtney, my mentor, brought up the idea of not being afraid of reaching out to anyone in the department, especially the managers. She mentioned that during her intern experience at HCSC two years ago, most of the employees that she reached out to were all not only willing but flattered to talk to her. She talked about how in addition to the typical coffee chat, there are also other ways to connecting with others. As a result I decided to reach out to two amazing individuals of our department. So far so good!

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