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Big ups, I’m learning what it is they do here at PRG Detroit! Also, on my first day, it wasn’t just me – a new employee also started the same time as me and who they were was quite a surprise! It was someone I knew from school, although we weren’t particularly close, we had worked together on various projects, and was well known/liked by a lot of the people I associate with in SMTD. So that was nice and made me feel a little more comfortable in this new place.  

When you go to a concert, or a play or musical, or even different conventions there’s always lights and sound, props and sets, but people don’t usually wonder how that all gets there or is run. PRG is the force behind that. Mainly, our office works on a lot of auto shows across the country, but there are other things sprinkled here and there. What PRG Services does is they get jobs and figure out how to execute them. In my time here, we’ve done a couple of bids and a couple of actually executing a job. A bid is when a company wants to create some sort of show that requires technical aspects – like lighting, sound, projections, etc., and they send it off so companies like us can calculate how much it would cost. We figure out what they need to accomplish the look they’re going for and how much labor (or services) is required to execute that. In terms of equipment, they send that off to one of the depots, like Las Vegas for example, to get a quote. Once that is all compiled, they send the proposal to the client and try to get them to buy it.  

For jobs that we have been chosen for, it’s about taking the next steps and executing the job. We were hired to assemble a booth for Essence Festival, which takes place in New Orleans every year. Our booth required speakers and LED walls – ultimately a simple set up. What I got to help do was fill out the necessary paperwork for the conventional hall so that we’d have the equipment and labor we needed to bring in the items we were trucking in, installing it, and at the end taking it all back down. Another thing we dealt with was finding the necessary people to operate equipment, like video cameras and the LED visuals, during the run of the festival. One very cool thing people in this office get to do is go on-site. They do a lot of traveling. Michael, the head of this project, got to go to New Orleans for a couple of days to make sure everything was running according to plan. Before we started on this project, him and someone else from the office were in Denver working on another project. As a young person excited to see the world, this seems like a big perk of the job, but these people all have families and so I can see how traveling might not be a perk for them. Anyway, I will get to travel out for a project in a couple of weeks when I go to help on an airshow in Wisconsin.  

So this is not at all what I was expecting going in, but I find the office and work to be very enjoyable as I learn more.  

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  • July 30, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    Emily — it sounds like you have a solid sense of PRG and what the organization does. I don’t often consider how all the lights, sounds, props, and sets are coordinated and executed for a show, so it’s really interesting to hear how the process typically works. I’m happy to hear your enjoying it!


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