Just as all Things do | #6

So over the course of this trip I’ve been compiling a playlist of songs that have been either inspiring me on my time abroad, or getting me through my time abroad. I listen to it when I feel homesick, when I feel lonely, when I want to go climb a mountain, whenever really. Music always helps me to come back down to a place that is a little less hectic no matter where I am. Now however, I am listening to my playlist with little over a week left in my internship and just a little bit more time than that left in Albania. It’s odd, 8/9 weeks seemed like so many when I was in my first week here. The first month, without the other interns, went by so slowly and with a lot of bumps along the way. Now, that seems like both a lifetime ago and yet also like this whole experience has only been about two weeks. I leave for a weekend trip tomorrow morning to Ksamil and Butrint, but when I get back from that on Monday, it will be time to start packing, figuring out how to get back to the airport, and downloading airline tickets. I know the adventure is not over yet, but just as all things do when they near the end, I find myself looking at “lasts”. Is this my last Monday at work? Is this my last time hanging out with this person? Is this my last time at this restaurant? Unfortunately, I think that my most recent trip to Nivica was indeed my last, which makes me a little sad, and while you never know what life may bring your way, I would hope to return someday. Here’s to making the most of this last week and a half, to eating all the Byrek, dajthe, and oregano chips I can, listening to my playlist a few more times, and trying not to get too excited to be back home and at UMich because I know that once I leave, I’ll only want to come back.

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