Blog 1: The Beginning

This internship with La Casa involves a lot of planning and working with other community members to execute events that will help our incoming and exsisting Latinx community on campus feel like they belong on this campus. I experienced the same feeling because there were few people who understood my experiences being a Latina which is the reason why I jumped on board to help create La Casa. As a former La Casa member, I expect this internship to be the same intense work that I did when I was La Casa board member but also be extremely rewarding. Their is a lot that goes behind the scenes to bring a whole community of students together and make them feel welcomed. Being part of the board of La Casa, I put in a lot of hours but was always rewarded by knowing Latinx students on campus feel like they have a network of support and a place they can call home. I am excited to start this internship and help existing and incoming Latinx students feel like they belong on this campus. I also hope to increase my profesional skills as I am now a rising Senior who is going to make a career path continuing to help my community in the working world.

La Casa helps you become connected to the amazing Latinx professionals on campus who have been through the same struggles as you and are willing to help you in your profesional development. This is what drew me to this specific internship especially being a Latina and the odds of being paid a high wage is stacked against me. This opportunity will really help me in my professional development, and I hope I can help my community in return. There is no greater feeling than seeing my community empowered and happy. I know there will be struggles in terms of time management especially since the summer is so short, but I know as community we can accomplish anything we set ourselves to do.

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