Blog 2: La Casa=Home

I came with the expectation of the La Casa internship will be a lot of intense work based on my previous experience being a board member, and it is. There is a lot of planning and trying to get all events in the Latinx Heritage Month set and help ALMA’s orientation program smoothly. However, the offices like MESA especially Javier Solorzano, my supervisor Teresa Sanchez-Snell, and community members like Richard Nunn have helped all of the interns including myself utilize our strengths to get tasks done effectively. This allowed my skills in marketing to improve and help me understand how I can use my skills in the working world. Eventhough it is a lot of work, I feel supported every step of the way. I know all of this work will be beneficial and rewarding for the existing and incoming Latinx students as soon as they step into a room full of people who they can relate and feel at home.

In my previous blog post, I stated how La Casa is a gateway to connections with other Latinx professionals, and its is completely true. I am in communication with Latinx writers, professors, researchers, faculty, and staff which has allowed me to gain a network of people to support me in my future endeavors. They are so open in helping me and being the best I can be because they understand my experiences. But, there will always be times where you mess up which I encountered when I created an online event and other people who were not our target audience started registering for it. However, I knew I could be supported by my intern community and staff, so I immediately brought the issue to them. And, we were able to find a solution to it by making it private for the time being and not opening until a later time but informing those who registered about why we made the sudden change. I learned from this mistake to keep the lines of communication open. I know with an issue I can always come to my community, and they will help me and learn from it.

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