Blog 5 – The People I’ve Met

I can honestly say that I will never forget some of the people I’ve met here. I’m so happy I was able to make the friends that I have in New Haven. I feel like everytime I go some place new, I expand my circle and my connections. This in turn makes the world a little less scary because I’ve met so many people from all over the country.

The closest friend I’ve made is Caley from Danbury, CT. She goes to school in Washington D.C. at George Washington University. She is also studying to become a doctor. I have visited her a few times and she’s taught me about lacrosse and fishing.

I also became really close to the sisters Quinn and Cassie while I was here. I worked closely with them all summer. They are both in the same sorority and go to the University of Connecticut. They are really fun to be around and we bond over our mutual love of throwback Disney songs.

Most of the people that work here are from Connecticut or go to school at Yale so it’s easier for them to go home on the weekends or know their way around the campus. I had never stepped foot on the campus before I took this job at the end of April. This was a personal challenge for me because I didn’t know where anything was and I thought all of the old architecture looked the same. It took me a couple weeks to finally learn my way around but now I’m confident to give instructions to others.

My favorite part of this job is dealing with the people, even if it’s complaints that I need to deal with. I remember that one day I was working a check-in and people kept asking me for directions and help of where to go. I felt like it was my element and I was being my most helpful self. Customer service is really important to the business and I feel like I could perform really well in that role. I’m interested to see who else I meet by the end of the summer, even after I go home.

Caley and I on Ellis Island
Group Picture of my Coworkers

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