Challenges I Foresee | #2

Although I am inexplicably excited to be starting my journey with Michigan Medicine’s HITS department, I’m a little nervous for what lies ahead. This position is unlike anything I’ve ever done before and has already pushed me in so many directions!

Perhaps my biggest challenge/fear/inner demon is the technical aspect of my position. Although I’ve taken a few classes on computer and statistical coding, I’m afraid that my skill set won’t match the ones that are expected of me. This position requires me to work with packages like Google Analytics and Tableau, which I’ve never had to do before. Although my supervisors have the utmost faith that I will know these packages like the back of my hand in a few weeks, I’m afraid I might never get there! Learning how to use certain languages/softwares in a classroom is completely different than learning how to use it without any formal instruction! Therefore, I put a little extra effort into learning how to use Google Analytics and Tableau. Thanks to some instructional aide by my supervisors, a few online classes provided by Michigan Medicine, and a lot of Google searches, I’ve gradually gotten the hang of these new softwares and have been able to improve my reporting abilities! Although I am not as advanced as I would like to be, I still have a lot more time to learn and improve my skills with these softwares! I’m looking forward to see what new obstacles and lessons arise from this technical component of my position!

As an extremely extroverted person, I am afraid I will be deprived of social interaction since I will be working in an IT office. I hate to generalize, but they are not traditionally known to be the most exciting and talkative places to work. In addition to this, I am the only intern assigned to my department, so I will not have any peers to go through this experience with me. Luckily, I quickly learned that my supervisors shared these same personality traits as me and really wanted to bring some FUN to IT. They told me that my department, “Education & Training”, is known for being the louder, more extroverted division within HITS. This made me even more excited to belong to my department!

I cannot wait to see what new challenges this summer brings!

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