Diving Into Digitas | #4

While I was firm on setting concrete goals my first week of my internship, my goals continue to bud, even going on week 7 of my internship.

My company has an amazing platform, One2One, where you can list out your goals and accomplishments, and track your progress on these goals. Your manager then gives feedback on this progress. I honestly think I use this tool more than anyone here! It is extremely helpful and allows me to proudly write about my goals and my momentum in achieving these goals. It gives me great joy to log my success and to be able to discuss it in-depth. It also is wonderful way to remind me to stay on track, as I look forward to logging back into the system and writing more about my progress.

At the beginning of the summer, I created three very specific goals. The first goal was to meet with at least one person from each capability. At Digitas, there are 9 capabilities, or fields, ranging from Data & Analytics, to Creative, to Media, which I am in. As interns, we have capability trainings where we are taught a 101 of each capability, but I always make it a point to meet with these presenters or other individuals in that capability aside from these trainings, to fully gauge an understanding of what each arm of the agency does. I am almost done with these meetings!

Another goal I had was to be much more knowledgeable of the technical side of media. For this reason, I created a “glossary” for myself. I write down terms, acronyms, phrases, and any other lingo I hear from my team and our countless client meetings to fully understand what exactly is, for lack of a better phrase, “going on.” This has been very helpful, and I even sent out my glossary to the new hire.

My third goal was to improve my communication skills. While this is a broad goal, I specifically am trying to focus on the email side of communication. My job is extremely client facing, and my days involve going back and forth with partners 100s of times a day. I knew I had to learn effective communication methods to always ensure clarity, context, and understanding from my client. One effective email has the power to meet that deadline, get those assets sent over, or have something sent to me urgently.

Goals are extremely important to me, and I continue to set new ones every week, as my true goal is to understand wholly the world of media planning.

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