First Week at Caliza!

I am currently interning at Mexico City at a startup company called Caliza Cultivando Energia. Caliza is a startup that sells solar panels to both school and residential customers. My willingness to learn and my willingness to want to be an entrepreneur someday drew me to this specific opportunity. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to develop my entrepreneurial skills while also enhancing my strategy skills as a Ross student.

I have set various goals for my internship, some of which I listed in my personal journal:

  • Enhance my strategy and marketing skills through the current project I’m working on with the Caliza’s conference


  • If time permits, work on another project that will allow me to get experience with another part of Caliza’s business → maybe working on the engineering side, human resources, etc.Even if it’s not a project maybe learning about the other positions within Caliza


  • Get to know more about Caliza’s employees through employee events!


  • Learn a little more spanish!


From this experience I hope to acquire skills that would allow me to be a successful entrepreneur. However, some of the challenges I forsee is not understanding Caliza’s business model which could affect my role as a business development intern!


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