Getting Settled In – Caleb Bohn #4

As mentioned in my previous post, there was quite a learning curve when I started my internship. As I am an Information Systems Intern, I deal with a lot of the technology people. They also have their own language, talking about the AS400, EDW, data cubes and so forth. I have been picking up their terminologies but still learn something new everyday. Luckily, my manager and my mentor Nora have been incredible throughout my internship. Nora and I have weekly walking meetings where I ask her all my questions and just talk about our lives and time at Polaris. She was in my shoes at one point so she has been able to give me advice on my future options at Polaris.

I feel much better now that time has gone by at Polaris, I feel more settled in. I have lunch with the other interns in the cafeteria and they are really great. Everyone’s super friendly and easy to talk to. It is interesting to learn what everyone is working on, I feel like I know a lot about the company in these short few months, even though I know there is so much more to learn.

One thought on “Getting Settled In – Caleb Bohn #4

  • July 24, 2018 at 10:28 am

    Hi Caleb! My name is Shaina and I’m an intern at the Hub. Thank you for sharing about your experience thus far, it sounds amazing! It sounds like you found an internship that meets a lot of your interests which is incredible. Realizing you don’t know all of the acronyms the technological team speaks can be overwhelming but it sounds like you are taking the appropriate steps to learn them! I’m glad your supervisor Nora has given you so much support and advice thus far. Her advice and guidance suggests that she might be an important professional mentor moving forward after your internship as well. Have you considered how you can network this summer while working at Polaris Industries? It is never to early to start! As your experience continues I will be curious to hear if this is a company you would want to work for in the future. I’m excited to continue reading about your amazing experience with Polaris Industries!


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