Getting the Hang of it- #4

This week we decided to start on preparations for FestiFall since that is something us interns can execute ourselves without too much assistance from other staff. We started drafting flyers as well as acquiring the material that is needed for our table. Yesterday us interns attended an event held by the universities librarians titled Introduction to Editing Wikipedia: Train the Trainer. We were taught the anatomy of a Wikipedia page, how to support other editors, and also how to make our own editing account in which we yesterday began creating our profiles and making edits on other pages. We attended this training to better prepare ourselves for an event in the Fall in which we will hopefully get to teach other students how to edit to not only increase but improve the representation of Latinx achievements. Preparations for ALMA have been coming along. This week we worked on following up with students, logistics of ceremony room set-up, and also vitalizing ALMA’s Facebook page. We have a meeting later today and I am excited to see where we are at now on our timeline. Is it too early for a countdown?

At the Intro to Wikipedia Event!

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  • July 30, 2018 at 7:49 pm

    Hi Charlyn! Thanks for your latest posts! The skills you are learning are important ones and will set you up well both to lead a sorority chapter next year and will continue to serve you beyond your time at the University. As you’re planning, I’m curious to know, what aspects of the job are most exciting/interesting to you? Do you like the coordinating work of reaching out to departments and booking rooms? Are you most interested in the finances? The outreach to incoming freshman and making sure they know that they will have a supportive community on campus? The social media? The community you’ve built with your coordinators and fellow interns? All?!


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