Learning about the Field | #4

Being at this internship has taught me a lot about the field and the graduate school process for psycholgy. Working with a tenured professor, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students has given me the chance to hear a lot of different experiences and advice. The other day we had a “graduate student panel” where current and previous graduate students from the lab talked to us about various aspects of graduate school, from deciding whether you should apply to choosing programs and advisors. This was super helpful as I’m fairly certain I’m going to be applying to graduate school but I’m not familiar with the process or what to expect.  I’ve also had the opportunity to learn about the field and job prospects, which was very useful. For instance, I’ve heard that some psychology PhD students apply to business schools or to the private sector instead of going on to work in a psychology program. I wasn’t even aware there were job opportunities for psychologists in these areas, so I’m glad I now have this information. Although hearing about graduate school and the greater field of psychology can be initially overwhelming, I’m glad I’m surrounded by such helpful researchers and mentors that can help inform and guide me through the process.

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