MI House of Reps Internship- Experiences Continuing

Since the graduations and community events that were last talked about, things continue to go well. Well, during the middle of June, the House session adjourned  for the summer. The Speaker of the House and majority of the representatives felt as if they should focus on campaigns so that most of them can get re-elected or elected to a higher position like State Senate. However, as I recall the day before the representatives were adjourned for recess, the representatives put in a lot of long hours voting on last minute pieces of legislation and proposals. My legislator told me that they began session in the morning and did not finish until late evening around 10 pm (with breaks in between for lunch and dinner)! There were mixed feelings about this, as some legislators were happy to get the work done, but did not expect such long. Mind you that many of the legislators had to drive from Lansing to back home where they lived in which can take between an hour to four hours. That is why most legislators who lived as far as the upper peninsula stayed someplace overnight in Lansing.

Anyhow after the session adjourned, and recess officially began, my legislator and I went back into the community to meet with constituents and various organizations. We wanted to continue building relationships with members as we knew that the campaign trail was about to kickoff. A lot of the constituents and organizations already knew my legislator as they served their community for years, so it was mostly us having the task of strengthening relationships. This was done via town halls, coffee hours with the representative, and community service events and fundraisers. From doing all of this, I’ve learned that great relationships truly can go a long way and can certainly go in your favor when you need something. I just knew that this was just the beginning and soon I will see what politicians do when it comes to making sure that they get re-elected and able to continue to serve their community.

One thought on “MI House of Reps Internship- Experiences Continuing

  • July 20, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    Hi Jaylen,

    Thank you for sharing this amazing post! It sounds like you are having a great experience interning for the Michigan House of Representatives. It seems like you are getting a full experience and that your representative is a great resource for you. As far as the long nights and weekends, I’ve always wondered if legislators stayed in Lansing or commuted back home. Thanks for sharing the details!

    I’m happy to hear you understand the importance of relationship-building and following up on commitment. I think your legislator will agree that is a great part of the job. Having strong soft is very important in any industry. Everything in life is about relationships and being a good steward. I would even add availing each opportunity that you’re able to be a part of is also important.

    Moreover, I’m interested to hear more about your time in the community with your legislator. Can you share some of the feedback the constituents shared? Were you able to have any one on one interactions with any of the constituents? Do you think you’ll be able to work on any projects from the feedback your representative have heard from their constituents?

    Looking forward to hearing more about your experience. This all sounds so exciting!


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