Never a dull moment… | #2

Hello again! I’m reaching the halfway mark of my internship with Keep Growing Detroit, and I’m feeling settled in and well acclimated to the fast-paced work environment here. Things are constantly changing. Whether it’s the farm plan, the number of volunteers we’re hosting, the tasks I’m responsible for, or the faces at Eastern Market each week, it feels like everything is in motion all of the time.

Before my internship began, I didn’t realize how much time I’d be spending at Eastern Market. I knew it was in my job description, of course, but I didn’t expect to be there two days a week–every week–for the entire summer. Regardless, it has turned out to be my favorite part of the job. I love how quickly everything happens at the market… The high speed mornings where growers drop of their produce to sell at our Grown in Detroit cooperative table. The midday rush where thousands of customers flow through the market sheds for hours on end. The steady flow at the end of the day where staff break down the market stand together as one well-oiled machine. Time flies by at the market. Most days, my 10 hour shifts pass before I even have a chance to catch my breath.

The best thing about the market, though, is the people I’ve gotten to meet. I love spending time with the growers and volunteers, and chatting away with our customers and the other vendors. I’ve been working long enough now to recognize our regular customers. I’m learning names and produce preferences, and there have even been times where I can predict if/what someone will buy as they approach the stand.

My supervisor, Ms. Imani, has shown me all of the ropes; from table prep and breakdown, to where to get the best sandwiches on break for the lowest cost (answer: The Farm Fresh food truck in Shed 3, owned by Chef Mark Sienkiewicz). I feel so grateful to get to learn from and work alongside Ms. Imani. With her guidance and the high energy environment all around us, it’s no wonder that Tuesdays and Satudays at Eastern Market are my favorite days of the week.


Come visit us at the Grown in Detroit table! All of our produce is sustainably grown within the city limits of Detroit, Highland Park, and Hamtramck.

Find us at Shed 2 in the Eastern Market, Tuesdays (9am-3pm) and Saturdays (6am-4pm).

Address: 2934 Russell St. Detroit, MI 48207

One thought on “Never a dull moment… | #2

  • July 30, 2018 at 8:58 am

    Hi Emily,

    Thanks for posting another entry about your summer experience with Grown in Detroit!

    I think one of the most gratifying parts of working with community-based organizations is when you get to see the effect of your work in real-time and interacting with the people that your work affects. I’m so glad that this is a big part of your internship.

    Pace is one of the big features of an organization to consider when identifying future opportunities. You mentioned feeling comfortable with the dynamic, fast-paced environment of your work. Do you think that means you wouldn’t be able to work in a much slower-paced environment? Is the sort of dynamic, changing structure of your work an important feature that needs to be present for future opportunities? Just some food for thought!



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