New Experiences and Perspectives #2

In the past 3 years, working for the Mayo Clinic has been fairly standard. Each summer I was given projects to work on, on site, and during the school year I worked remotely on MRI scans. Each previous project was always very technical. One year I had to code, another year I had to collect data from different types of images, and this year I was faced with a different kind of technicality. Writing has never been my strongest point and I like to think I’m just average. So when I was given the task of writing two papers for the lab I was definitely intimidated. Luckily I was paired with a PHD that really seems to care about my career and experiences, and she has surpassed my expectations of a mentor. I was expecting a lot more guidance on writing the paper, but the freedom and broad guidelines she has given me has actually made me learn a lot. I’ve realized that research is a lot of combing through literature and structuring facts to make a main point coherent.

Along with reading and writing constantly, the lab also has me present every week on a different topic of the labs choosing. Presenting and public speaking is one of my favorite tasks so honestly my favorite part of this internship so far has been the weekly task of researching and presenting. Each week is something new and I’m looking forward to the weeks I have left.

Tatum D

I am a rising Senior at the University of Michigan working at The Mayo Clinic as a research assistant in a mathematical neuro-oncology lab.

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