Post 4: Practice Sales Call/Think, Prepare, Rehearse

This week, I had a practice sales call with an IBM executive who used to be a field seller. This is a training technique that IBM widely uses to train their sales consultants, as the coaching from an experience field seller is priceless. IBM has a motto for how to prepare for major presentations/calls like these and that is “Think. Prepare. Rehearse”. That is exactly what I did to prepare my sales call. My example case set the client to be JC Penney, with the client executive being the VP of Digital Marketing at JC Penney. I thought about how I wanted to structure my call, prepared by researching on the current state of the retail industry, JC Penney’s market share within brick and mortar store retailers as well as their presence online, researched the role that the VP of digital marketing would potentially have, and rehearsed my call by using my network and doing a role play sales call with one of my full-time mentors.


Not only did this process of “Think, Prepare, Rehearse” sufficiently provide me with all the steps I needed to succeed, but it was a mental reassurance and peace of mind I gained through the preparation that made me feel prepared and ready for success. The call was indeed extremely successful, my summit executive’s feedback reflected that I sounded trustworthy, my call sounded extremely natural and unscripted, and that I did a good job of storytelling in order to convey the value proposition that IBM could bring to the table for JC Penney. I was extremely pleased to hear such positive feedback especially after putting in so much work to prepare for my mock sales call.

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  • July 24, 2018 at 8:57 am

    Hi Aerielle – It sounds as though your practice sales call gave you a well-deserved sense of accomplishment! I really admire your willingness to engage with IBM’s preparation structure, and I’m glad that you noticed the difference, not only in the outcome of the call and the positive feedback you received, but also in the mental reassurance and peace of mind with which you approached it. Hopefully you are finding that the more you practice other elements of your work with IBM, the more relaxed and confident you are feeling about it. As in your last post, I’m curious to know how this experience is influencing your sense of what you want to do next. Do you have any interest in going into sales?

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