The Final Goodbye

As I wait at my gate at the Delhi airport, I can’t help but reflect back on the most rewarding two months of my life. My time in India has provided me with lifelong friends, perspectives and memories across a number of cities. Saying goodbye to my ANKURI family was anything but easy. Tears were shed, but wiped away as we made plans to visit each other in the future. While it was difficult to leave this country that I have so fallen in love with, this internship has provided me with a greater understanding of my goals. As I interviewed and edited film in a language I didn’t understand, I gained a first hand look into what my future could look like. I would love to make films on international topics and working with this NGO was the perfect stepping stone towards that goal.

Thinking back to my first day landing in Delhi, I was intimidated and nervous to say the least. But after about two weeks in Dehradun, I extended my stay by three weeks in the end. My advice to anyone conflicted and worried about taking an internship abroad alone…  DO IT! The nerves will fade as you experience the most wonderful cultures and beautiful, welcoming people. This world has so much to offer, so getting the opportunity to experience a small chunk of it is something I am forever grateful for.

Below I attached a link to a youtube video I created highlighting these past two months.

To the most rewarding 58 days. Thank you, India.



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