Training Days 2-5

Each day during training, we are given a set of goals. These goals are the number of letters we are able to collect (we send them to senators and representative regarding the issues we are working to solve) and donations. The letter standard is 5 senator letters and 5 representative letters. The donation standard per day is $170. We are given a set of readings that focus on different aspects of communicating with people and how to get them involved. We are also given tools to help us manage our moods and stay consistent with positive attitudes for every door we go to.

Day 2 was interesting. My field manager was with me throughout the entire day but on the other side of the street. They did this in order to hear how I was communicating with people and gave me tips throughout the day. On my day 3, this was the first full day that I was by myself. I learned to catch issues myself and adjust the way I was communicated for each door. Day 4 was much alike to day 1. This was a retrain. This means I stayed with a field manager for half the day to see what they are doing right. The other half of the day was spent by myself.

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  • August 6, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    Hi Desmond. Thank you for sharing your training experience! I am glad to hear that you are receiving great shadowing and feedback on your work. I am sure that you are doing a great job so far and doing great work to advocate for clean water! I hope that this experience is giving you new perspectives on the challenges and importance of environmental advocacy. Keep up the great work! – Jake


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