A Different Setting #3

The words I had heard about this city since my childhood hold true: New York is the city that never sleeps. As a child, I only caught a glimpse every so often of this reality while vacationing. I grew up in a suburban community with a calm and pleasant atmosphere, very unlike the bustling and fast-paced everyday life of New York City. Now that I am in the most populated municipality in America, I see that life can be very different in a distant community.

Yet the bright vibrancy of nightlife carries a darker side. While nearly all late-night strollers are harmless and kind individuals only trying to return home, the city does have its share of shady characters. In these past four weeks, I have seen strangers turn their heads when they see me approaching and head for alleyways. Occasionally, a police car blaring its siren will pass me on my commute home. Perhaps most situations are harmless, but this is certainly unlike my experiences growing up in the suburbs.

Despite these occurrences, I would like to clarify that I personally never felt in danger during my time in New York. Of course there are going to be sketchy situations, but the residents of this community for the most part keep to themselves and can be quite helpful when I ask for directions. Overall, I would say that I have become for comfortable with the urban setting and that I can picture myself living in the big city upon graduation.


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