Back Again- Blog #2

My internship is unique in that this is my second summer as part of the same research group. Consequently, many of the challenges I faced last summer in terms of adjusting and the steep learning curve are obstacles that I do not have to worry about this summer. Having a familiarity with my principal investigator as well as my coworkers has allowed me to spend more time asking intelligent questions and really dive deeper into the aims of our research. I am also fortunate to not have to deal with the challenges of adjusting to a new city. I have grown to enjoy living in Ann Arbor and am grateful to have the opportunity to spend another summer in a beautiful location.

Moreover, my role as part of the research team has significantly grown. While last summer my work mainly focused on extracting and organizing data, this summer I have had the privilege of examining slides of tissue stained for unique biomarkers. My expanded role presents new learning opportunities in terms of analyzing immune response to cancer and the effect of certain genes on the tumor microenvironment. This invaluable knowledge is an area of study in which I hope to expand over the course of my career. I am excited to be back this summer and continue working with a group of world-class scientists.

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