Blog Post #5 – A Slow Trickle Out

Going back home from work, I began to reflect on my experience thus far. Though it wasn’t quite over yet, I felt like I had been through and learned a lot. As my internship comes to an end, others finished a bit earlier. We all had the common title of “legal intern” but not the same school starting dates. Since most of the students were from George Washington University, they stayed; others from across the country were leaving one by one. It was nice getting to know undergraduate students and graduate students at this internship from all across the country, from Florida to Philadelphia to peers at Michigan. I felt like I had not only expanded my professional network, but also my social network. As a group, we had become close throughout the internship, and had gone through more or less the same experience. Knowing this, I knew that if I had to reach out for anything to anyone, I would be able to. This was comforting, but also knowing that it was that much harder to see them again was also saddening.

The same went for my supervisors – though I had one specific supervisor assigned to me, there were countless others not just in the DC office, but across the country. I knew that even if I went to a different city, the environment and community would just be as welcoming as the one I had dedicated an entire summer to. I gained professional skills and people with similar goals and interests that I would never forget.

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