Blog: Week 3

I can’t believe I have less than one month left here in Italy! This past week, I had the privilege of working with an oratorio, which is very similar to what summer camps would be in the United States. I have been teaching the students different musical games like musical chairs. and Disney music in English. I also have been doing conversation hours at the liceo with those interested in learning more English, and diction practices where I help singers with their pronunciation for English songs, such as by Ed Sheeran, and Adele. This week, I had some little bumps in the road at work—not having the equipment we needed for the oratorio, and teaching a large class of students English, when they did not know it too well (and I do not speak Italian well at all, however I am able to understand more  each day). Though it was quite challenging, the class went smoother than expected, and helped for improvement for next time. The other interns and I are getting along well with our lesson planning, which helps make these goals and classes much easier on all of us, leaving us with not as many questions as to what we are supposed to do, like in the beginning. Things are picking up very quickly—meeting people involved with the liceo, going to events in Tradate like venerdi bianchi, and doing side trips with the other interns, making the time pass very quickly!

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