Blog: Week 4

My routine here in Italy is now fully kicked in. I have been working at the Oratorio, which is like a summer camp, with students doing things like musical chairs, and teaching them about English music that is popular like Disney. My initial set of conversation hours and diction practices are over, which is sad as I really enjoyed working with those students, but I will continue conversation hours in the following weeks! This week, we were invited to an aperitivo at the liceo with the theme of “Beyond the Ocean” uniting Italy and USA (for us!). It portrayed both popular Italian music and culture, and American music, and was overall very nice, with tasty homemade Italian food! It’s nice to feel appreciated for what we are doing, and to learn more and more about the Italian culture. I also got to watch Katherine and Marielle, along with many other people, perform under the stars at the observatory in Tradate. Though I got many bug bites in the process, it was a very unique experience, and one that I will remember forever. These past 4 weeks have allowed me to settle into the Italian culture, which is much more relaxed than the US, and is something I will miss very much when I have to go back to the United States.

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