Blog: Week 5

This week has been quite the adventure to say the least. I began my week by having the privilege to go to an opera at Teatro alla Scala in Milan. We saw the opera Fidelio by Beethoven, and it was a very interesting experience. The inside of the theatre is beautiful, and makes the experience that much greater. I also began teaching new classes to teenagers and to adults. This is my first time working with adults in this capacity, and it has been a great experience thus far! I am able to have conversation with them all, and we have talked about all kinds of different topics. I was a little nervous about working with adults, as I was unsure if they would appreciate the help from someone younger than them, but they have all been so kind, and willing to learn and converse in English. I will continue this for one more week; only a short time before I am complete with my internship, and time has been going by so quickly! This weekend, I went to Napoli with another intern, Katherine. It was a true Italian transportation experience full of ticket mishaps, and train delays, and cancellations. We thought we would be able to squeeze in time to go to Pompeii and Napoli, however, due to our train being an hour late, we were only able to visit Napoli. Although we did not see much of the city, we got to go to the famous pizzeria L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, which was featured in the book/movie Eat Pray Love. I know Italians love their food, and that cooking is like an art, but I did not know of what we would call a “religious experience” until I took my first bite of the pizza. They only offered two types: Marinara without cheese, and Margherita. This was truly the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life- Napoli proved themselves the best, as it is the birthplace of the pizza. On our way back from Napoli to Milano, then on to Tradate, we hit many bumps in the road. We dealt with slow trains, a cancelled train, waiting for more than an hour, and taking the bus, which we have never done before. Although this weekend was very chaotic, I now feel like I have gotten every type of experience with public transportation here in Italy, and now know how to master it.

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