Change, #5

  • How have you grown or how has your perspective changed over the course of the internship?

As I’m approaching the last two and a half weeks of my internship, I’ve recently been thinking a lot about what I’ve gained from this summer experience. When applying for this internship, I submitted my application because the organization was local, they worked a lot with prevention, it appeared as if CARE had a strong basis in social justice, and there was a clinical aspect to the internship as well. I’m passionate about all of these things individually, so combining everything together into one internship really excited me. With this in mind, when I got the interview, my interviewer mentioned that camps were a big part of the internship, and I would be helping out at three separate camps– which would equate to about one month of my internship. She explained that the target audience of the camps were kids (depending on the camp, the ages ranged from 4-17). This for me was something that made me incredibly nervous. While I’m good with kids, I don’t exactly like spending a lot of time with them, and I definitely did not think that I would enjoy looking after a massive group of kids and trying to do different activities with them. That being said, I still accepted the internship and kind of dreaded the upcoming camps.

At this point in my internship, 2/3 of the camps are done. My perspective on kids has certainly changed. I think that previously I didn’t like working with kids because I didn’t necessarily understand them, and in someways I underestimated how smart, caring, passionate, and resilient kids can be. On a professional level, I’ve grown because as someone who wants to be a clinical psychologist, it’s incredibly important to be able to work with a diverse group of people. Being able to work with not only adults, but also kids and teens is an important skill to have. However, in my opinion more importantly, on a personal level I learned how to have conversations, adopt my language, be patient, and honestly have fun with kids. While I’m not completely changing my career path and going into something like elementary education, this internship has taught me to be more open-minded, adapt, and be comfortable stepping outside of my comfort zone.

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  • July 30, 2018 at 9:53 am


    Thanks for sharing some thoughts on the learning you’ve experienced during your internship!

    I empathize with you on so many levels when it comes to working with kids. Few things can be as intimidating as being charged with the responsibility of looking after a large group of young people, but it sounds like you are leveraging your strengths to provide a really wonderful experience for them.

    I’m really impressed by your open-mindedness regarding this work. Not only did you face your anxieties head-on, you also were open-minded enough to allow your preconceptions to change and ultimately, you gained some valuable insights on the resilience, passion, and patience. These skills will take you so far in your professional life, and even though your career path hasn’t changed, you’ve clearly developed an invaluable life skill and a sort of adaptability that you can discuss at length with future stakeholders!



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