Italy Blog 3

We’re just about halfway through our internship but it feels as though it is only beginning. I am not sure why, but everything here feels fresh and new. Today, I laid in the sun and thought about lessons for the students for a while, and then I thought about nothing. Perhaps, opportunities to sit quietly and think about nothing are the reason that I am able to find something new in things that I have been doing for a while. It’s quiet here in Tradate, and that is very good for thinking and learning. I am learning Italian again. I enjoy speaking it very much. I remember feeling frustrated in the first few weeks of the internship, feeling the words on the tip of my tongue and hearing verbs I knew but could not remember, but now I am confident in my ability to communicate. I still get tongue tied, but that happens to me when I speak English too. I hope that I don’t misspeak in class and confuse the students! It is so wonderful chatting with them. The focus of our work has been conversation, so we usually choose a subject and speak with the students so they can practice communicating in English. We have had some of the best conversations in class! It is especially fun to talk to the students about music, but then I often get attacked for my taste in music. I listen to country music sometimes, something the students and my fellow interns like to make fun of me for. I don’t mind so much, since then the students practice making jokes in English. Mastery of a foreign language comes in many forms, but one of them is most certainly making jokes. Perhaps, a lesson in jokes should be the next thing on our agenda!

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