Italy Blog 6

I’m just now realizing that my internship is about to close. Tomorrow is our last day of lessons, and the rest of the time we spend here will be free time accompanied with a few wrap-up activities. I have loved teaching because primarily, people want to practice conversation. I think this is in keeping with the very Italian desire to get to know the people they interact with. I have noticed people talking to strangers as if they are old friends. It’s a beautiful part of the culture and certainly something that I will miss when I leave. We have talked a lot about food. I am looking forward to food in America, though the Italian cuisine is probably some of the best food I have ever had. There is a lot to miss about Italy, but I am looking forward to going home. I think spending the Fourth of July abroad made me want to be home. The other interns and I had a wonderful time. We had no classes for the day, so we went to a barbeque joint in our town and  had ribs, just like I would have if I were home. I have been in Italy for two full months now and it’s such a beautiful place, it’s just not my home. I am incredibly grateful for the experience that I have had here, and the experiences yet to come, but I am even more grateful for the fact that soon I will be homeward bound!

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