The Office- TransRe Edition| #5

It’s a Friday morning here at TransRe.  My boss has been gone for 2 days and will be gone all next week. The struggle of staying busy has begun.  Unfortunately my main boss is all out of work for me, but he is also in Iceland where I can’t reach him.  I have two other bosses; one is on the road, the other in the office.  Yesterday, Thursday, I asked for more work.  This morning I got an email to add in the details of each of the state groups.  This will take me 30 minutes at most… I guess it is a Friday, so no need to have a huge load of work.

On Wednesday, there was another BRMA event held for the interns and networking.  This was much more useful this time, for we were split into groups and forced to think about an event and how insurance was affected by it.  I was able to meet another wolverine as well; he is going to be a senior.  The panel at this event was younger and was much easier to listen to.  The head of BRMA had received a lot of negative feedback about the previous speakers and decided to switch it up.  This panel was able to answer question in under 10 minutes!

Next Wednesday I fly to California for my family reunion.  My bosses were really cool about letting me leave the office for a few days.  I had told them the day I started, which was before I even bought my ticket.  Time off will be nice before I come in and finish 4 more days.

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