Trial and Many Errors #2

One of the best parts of my internship is that it is very experiential and the attorney I work under trusts me to do many of the same tasks as law students. However, given that prior to this experience I had never been in court or a law office, there has been a lot trial and error but undeniably invaluable growth.

When Ms.Gaines is assigned a new case, which is quite often, one intern tends to take the lead on the case. This means that when a phone call comes in from the client, paperwork needs to be drawn up, and essentially all tasks pertinent to the case become your responsibility with Ms.Gaines overseeing. With the breadth and multitude of nuances that define our caseload, this can constantly push an intern into the learning zone.

For me, this has entailed venturing to the Veterans Affairs office, learning different court documents, home visits with our clients, looking into recording studio spaces, contacting other attorneys, and much more.

While this is very exciting, many of these things, namely filing court documents, I had never done before. Throughout this internship I have failed many times attempting to file demands for discovery, emergency hearings, witness and exhibit lists, and a plethora of other documents.

Yet, through persistence and Ms.Gaines talking me through every document, I now can with ease draft up any of these documents for a client and venture down to the courthouse.

As a perfectionist, being so lost at first was very frustrating. However, if I did not trust the process and continue to work at it, I would not be where I am at now. Also, since I truly to do want to be an attorney, it is not just a matter of growing this summer, I am growing for my future career.

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