21 more days | #4

Yep, I have definitely started to count down the days until I bounce out of Cleveland.

It’s not that I don’t like Cleveland. I think work is pretty hard recently and I get easily unmotivated or discouraged. Yet, by the latter half of the week, I started getting more ideas and different ways to analyze for the projects I’ve been assigned on, so the days flew by a lot quicker. A lot of times, I feel like I don’t have much to do, so I just spend hours reading the news. I guess I can say I’m pretty updated on Trump’s many mistakes as well as other updates like FDA deciding what should be considered “milk.” Did you know almonds don’t lactate?? Wow. Learning new things every day!!! (That was sarcasm… Hopefully you all got that)

The past weekend, I drove 2.5 hours to visit some friends in Ann Arbor. This was the perfect weekend to visit because one of my friends is moving back to her hometown – since she graduated – so it was super nice to hang out with her a couple of times before she left. Another friend is going back home for a few weeks before school starts up again, so it was fun to hang out with him and some other people. We also went to this new hand-pulled noodles restaurant in Ypsilanti called Lan City. I highly recommend it if you love a good ‘ol bowl of Chinese noodles. They’re super fresh and the broth is super savory. I also ate a lot of good food; my roommate made me fried rice for dinner on Friday and I was very blessed by that. I love home cooked meals! I guess my love language is acts of service, haha. I also caught up with other friends (got boba, lol) and went to a picnic hosted by my church, Harvest Mission Community Church.

I think this entire weekend was a really good break from work. I had a lot of fun with friends; it almost seem like I was never in Cleveland. I miss Ann Arbor a lot while I’m gone because I’ve learned to really call the place home the three years I’ve been there. It’s hard to believe I will be a senior soon because I still feel like a freshman sometimes.

My goal for the next three weeks in Cleveland is to continue to appreciate what I have been given. Even though work may be hard, I hope I will continue to be more aware of all the things I’ve been learning at work or out of work. I do appreciate the experience here, despite work not being the best, haha.


2 thoughts on “21 more days | #4

  • July 27, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    Hahaha thanks for the much needed laugh, Ailun! Shocking, right, about the almonds??? Thanks for the recommendation for Lan City. I’ll definitely need to try it.

    I’m so glad you mentioned love language! I find it so helpful to know how to show appreciation for others.

    It definitely sounds frustrating that you don’t have enough to do. I know it’s probably a little late for this advice, but have you tried talking to your supervisor about it? I know that I sometimes am not tapped in enough to what others in my office are doing and I don’t even realize that they have not enough or too much to do. If you ask, maybe you’ll get more fun stuff!

    Til next time,

  • July 31, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    Hi Ailun!
    You’re almost done! Thanks for keeping me entertained while reading your posts 🙂 I’m glad that you found time to go back to Ann Arbor and spend time with your friends. They sound like great people! Please recommend some more places to eat around AA, I need a food buddy 😉 Maybe we can meet up sometime and go on food adventures! Haha hope the rest of the internship is smooth sailing for you good luck!!


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