De Line Pictures | Hollywood Internship Week 4

We’re getting closer and closer to the home stretch of the summer, which is bizarre considering I feel like I only just moved in yesterday. Since I’ve entered a steady grind of reading scripts, TV pilots, novels and comics, I’ve begun asking for advice for my future. Originally, coming into this summer, I planned on going to law school to become an entertainment lawyer post-college, while considering producing, writing and directing. But after hearing of the various different paths guest speakers during class have taken in their film development routes, asking for advice from my supervisor (the assistant to the producer), and my professor at UCLA, I think I’ve made my executive decision not to attend law school. Now, I’m entertaining the idea of a masters degree in Creative Producing, or attempting to intern for a larger up-and-coming studio next year (such as Netflix, Amazon, or Apple), or pursuing a year in an agency. With the amount of overwhelming options available, and the roots of a network out here formed, I don’t feel limited to simply pursuing higher education beyond a bachelor’s degree.

In the meantime, I’ve been taking advantage of this ocean at my backdoor, bringing my scripts to be read for class to the beach. On one particularly adventurous day, a couple of friends and I ventured out to Malibu, an incredibly serene area. Before it reached sunset, we discovered a collection of caves overlooking the rocky seashore, with only a few groups and families nearby. Asking a couple for a picture, we learned that while the guy was from Australia, the girl was from the Ann Arbor area, which is a wild coincidence considering it was only us five on this section of the beach. More and more, particularly in this city, I realize just what a small, interconnected world we’re really in.

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