First Few Weeks- #2

Enrichment Tub

My internship at the Creature Conservancy hasn’t differed too much from my initial expectations but there definitely has been some surprises, more so on a personal level. Although I knew I’d be working in education I didn’t expect to gain so much knowledge on childhood management. Since it is a summer camp and the kids are very excited conducting learning activities can require a lot of creative ways to gets kids to hone in, because it is such a fun experience so kids naturally are very hyper. Education is certainly a job one has to come awake and ready for everyday. I’m doing a research piece surrounding animal demonstration impacts for environmental education and this is

I have learned so much about engaging kids, especially while I’m giving animal presentations. I’ve been blessed with an amazing staff at the Creature Conservancy that take time at the end of the day to teach me more about animal husbandry at the end of our work day. I didn’t expected to get that extra time with the animal exclusively and its really drawn me more towards wildlife conservation. I don’t think I expected to learn so much about animal care alongside the environmental education aspect. I’ve learned so much about enrichment and have got to take role in animal welfare at the conservancy. This has gotten me more interested in wildlife sciences and has created a whole new area of interest for a possible career path.

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