Summer Research #4

This past week in the lab, myself and the other undergrad assistant spent a great deal of time perfecting our pipetting skills. It was a very interesting experience. Before handling real biological samples, the researchers in the lab wanted to be sure that we are comfortable aliquoting samples which have distinct layers in them. Both of us have used micropipettes, but never with layers.

We had to be creative in what we used to simulate pipette a sample, so the undergrad and I set out around Stanford’s campus looking for liquids with different densities. Ultimately we found Olive Oil and Honey. This was one of the most interesting lab tasks I have encountered thus far, but also reminded me how science surrounds us every day (and outside of the walls of a laboratory).

It was a really great learning experience to practice our separation skills in a low risk, low stress environment which encouraged us to perfect our skills a little more. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and for the creative thinking of the lab manager who came up with the idea to have us practice on liquids of varying densities.

One thought on “Summer Research #4

  • July 25, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    Thanks for sharing, Kendall! I hope that using olive oil and honey have helped you hone your pipetting skills. Resourcefulness and creativity are critical to many facets of life, including the workplace and the classroom. I think this experience will help you find unique ways to learn now and into the future. Overall, it sounds like your experience has been really engaging so far. I hope that you continue to find the work engaging and challenging. Thanks again. – Jake


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