Fined Tuned Details | #2

So for the past couple of weeks my internship has been progressively getting more intense as my boss trusts me with more more important tasks for his business. My boss recently wanted to work on one of his side projects and treat him as if he were a client, for practice on my end. I did everything from booking a meeting room to discussing details of the website he wanted to build. After our initial meeting I drafted up a large requirements document, similar to the ones that are assigned to me for large scale projects in school. The details had to be precise and both me and my boss had to be on the same page about what was going to be covered over the course of the next few weeks. Essentially he made me the project manager for a website build. It has been a decent amount of stress on me but it’s nice that I will be leading and building something that will be used by other people in the foreseeable future. I recently got it approved and am now in the process of wireframing, designing, and implementing the necessary content for the website. I’m ramping up at an early stage and am beyond excited to see how my project progresses.
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