First week of my first internship | #1

My internship at A.M.Best is my very first one. Since neither of my parents works in a traditional corporate business setting like that of A.M. Best, I really had no idea what to expect. From what to wear to what I will be doing during work, my mind was a complete blur before the start date.

During the first week my manager told me about the main project I would be working on during the eight weeks, but I had to wait for other members in the group to finish their parts before I could start mine, so I was a little confused on what was expected of me during that week. The project is country risk, and I will be responsible for writing reports on different countries regarding their economic, political, and financial system conditions.

During the first week, I was reading, or attempting to read, materials on multiple countries in the Caribbeans and Latin America, as these would be the countries I would start writing reports on. Since these are not the countries I was typically familiar with, and reading reports full of technical terms that I did not necessarily learn about in school was difficult, I was a little concerned with how the actual project was going to be like.

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