I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here | #7

Hello World!

I am about to head into my final week at CPH. What?!? I just got here yesterday?!?! (it’s actually been a really long time and while it has gone by quickly, it’s also a long time to be away from friends, family, and my fiancé.) 

I have so much work to get done before we’re done! I’m still slugging along designing the decorating instructions PDF, as well as working on Powerpoint Slides for all the lessons in VBS, and videos that go with those. Also, I’ve been working on blog posts and weekly videos.

My work seems to be far from over and I only have 5 days left. 

This past week, I got to collaborate more with Jayme, we worked on the lesson powerpoint slides and videos. It was a lot of exporting things. Jayme and I were so exhausted from doing these, but we often got emotional thinking about how these were going to be used all across the country and world!

On Wednesday, I got to go on another VBS site visit. This time we were able to make it in time to see opening. This was particularly fun because I got to sing and dance with these kids. Seeing them dance and sing to “Jump, Jump,” “Yes in Him,” and “God Delivers” made me tear up! They were so happy! 

Shortly after opening, we had to rush back to CPH because it was time for me to present on my internship in front of all the other interns, their supervisors, some higher ups, and the President and VP of the company. I was so nervous!

My presentation did not go as planned, in the beginning of the presentation, the computer shut down and I just kept going! I did the entire thing without my slides, which apparently, impressed people! I think that’s something I learned from being involved in Forensics (Competitive Acting/Speech and Debate) in high school. The show must go on, they say.

Outside of work, this week we went out to a “fancy” dinner at this Italian restaurant on the Hill. It was fun to get dressed up and enjoy dinner. An older woman even complimented us on our attire! Again, we went to the MUNY. This time to see Annie. Annie was the first show I ever saw live. And as a young child, I was obsessed with it. It was extremely nostalgic seeing it again. Yesterday, we went to the Delmar loop to shop around and get some of the famous Fitz’s root beer. Afterwards, we order pizza and went over to another intern’s place to play games. It was nice to spend the day in. 

Before coming to this internship, I tried not to have an expectations. In the past, my expectations have been way different than the experience I had and it’s really hurt me. But even though I told myself I had no expectations, I did not expect this internship to turn out the way it did. I had vague feelings that I would like the city, but didn’t know how the job would be. Two months ago, if you had told me I’d meet an astronaut, interact with kids, visit VBS, get to film cool videos, and get paid to do it, I don’t know if I would have believed you. I am so happy that I was able to come here and it’ll be bittersweet leaving CPH this Friday. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back in the Lou, but other than that, I’m not sure.

Wow, I hadn’t really thought about how it’s going to feel leaving my job here. I’m so grateful to the Opportunity Hub for making this experience possible for me. This was a dream job. 


Soli Deo Gloria,


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  • July 27, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    Adele — I’m so happy to hear your final presentation went well (minus the technical difficulties!). It has been a pleasure following your internship with CPH, and I wish you the best of luck to come. Take care!


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