New Friends #9


I have exciting news! In the past few weeks, me and the other interns at FriendsLearn have been making friends with the architect interns at Shilpa Architects, the company we share the office building with. With not many plans for the weekend, we planned a trip to go to Pondicherry this weekend.

Pondicherry used to be part of the French colony, however now it is a Union Territory. It’s well known for it’s cuisins, handicrafts, and beaches. We had a friend who had a car that could fit 9-10 people in one car. So on Saturday, off we went to Pondicherry after work finished at 3pm!

We road tripped jamming to Hindi, Tamil and English music. Upon reaching there in the evening, we left our things at the house we rented for the weekend, and went out to a pizzeria for dinner. Then we came back home, and talked, and talked, and talked until 4:30am in the morning. We had a half an hour sleep before we went to watch the sunrise at the beach, after which we had breakfast, came back to the house, and slept for a solid three hours.

We had to check out at noon, so once we woke up and got refreshed, we had lunch and then went to Auroville. Also known as the City of Dawn, Auroville is an experimental community which encourages people from different walks of life to live together. Here, we went to the cultural center and bought a lot of handicrafts (at least, I did), chilled there for a while (despite the heat and humidity) and then set out again for Chennai, since a lot of our friends had a curfew to get back home too.

Although I haven’t explained the trip so well here, by far, I was really happy I took the risk of going with people I just got to know in a couple of weeks. For once, I felt independent, free, adventurous and I felt like I was living life a little! Far from my stuck up, cautious attitude….

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  • August 7, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    Wow! You have certainly gotten into the swing of life in India. It is great to read about your adventures. Congratulations on putting yourself in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. It sounds like it really paid off! I have enjoyed reading about your physical and mental journey this summer.


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